You re dating other guys you re telling me lies

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It does not mean she will forget the reasons you both broke up.

And just because she misses you does not mean she thinks that you both have a future as a couple or that things will change if you get back together.

Because you may be successful in getting her to miss you, but you may still end up losing her forever if you don’t play your cards right.

Again, read this article to understand the bigger picture and learn how to get her back and keep her.

Once you reach Stage 3 and Stage 4 in getting her back, you want her to miss you when she is not speaking to you.

If you follow everything in that darn article I keep talking about, you will automatically make her miss you.

Here’s what one of my readers emailed me about that article.

One of the most obvious way to get your ex girlfriend to miss you is to do no contact.

I am sure you have come across that term hundreds of times as you searched about breakups online.

After all, if that’s not what you want; then you are just wasting your precious mental energy on making someone miss you who you don’t even want in your life.

If your ultimate objective is to get her back, then I want you to read this article.

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