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In the early days, Thai cuisine reflected the main characteristics of a waterborne lifestyle.

Major components were aquatic animals, plants and herbs.

Seafood generally encompasses any animal living in the sea, from oysters over fish, over crustaceans as well as edible seaweed.

By extension this does as well cover aquatic animals from fresh waters, both wild and farmed.

Although distinguished from meat, seafood it is still animal and is often excluded in a vegetarian diet.

Nowadays, American food in Thailand is often synonymous of either practical meals or fast food, or then Southern Cajun style restaurant or steakhouses.Similarly American cuisine has a very long history dating back before the colonial period when the Native Americans had a rich and diverse cooking style for an equally diverse amount of ingredients.The style of cookery continued to expand into the 19th and 20th centuries with the influx of immigrants from various nations across the world.Large chunks of meat or fish were grilled on skewers and further foreign influences introduced the use of sizeable bits to Thai cooking.The use of fork and spoon only as eating cutlery still reflects it today.

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