Types of guys dating

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So keep aside all your misconceptions that only women can bitch and backstab – men do it all the time. Well, if the answer seems to apparently be, “Nothing,” it’s probably not true. The know-all is a stereotypical embodiment of pompous annoyance.These type of guys are people who think it is their birthright to know everything that is happening in your life and your friends’ life and then gleefully spread the details to whoever cares to listen. He will drive you mad with his hollow encyclopaedic knowledge and try to downplay any and all correction you may, not infrequently, have to mete out to him.Unfortunately, he never wore deodorant, and the one time I got close enough to him to find that out was the last time I ever got close to him. Yeah, funny – but I would never date (or even be friends) with someone like that.Just shower, put deodorant on, wear clean clothes, comb your hair, and be appropriate in public. I remember this one guy that I was so interested in until he came to a fire that some of my friends were having.I hate to say it, but there were not a lot of guys that I wouldn’t date when I was younger.

To help you steer clear of these men, here is a guide on the 10 types of guys you should never date.

There were some guys I just wouldn’t date – no matter what.

These are some personal stories, but I think a lot of women can relate to this, and I think men should know this. The guy that showed up was not at all my type physically.

Gossiping occasionally when it doesn’t harm the other person is alright, but dating a guy who knowingly runs down someone behind their back is best avoided. As rightly said in the James Cameron classic Avatar, “One cannot fill a cup which is already full.” Learn your lesson. Nothing can ever make a jealous guy satisfied with what he has – even when good things happen to him.

This is the one who is in a perpetual sexual starvation, and who just can’t stop leering down the wrong places and asking you otherwise creepy questions. He always thinks someone else had it better or feels like he was left shortchanged.

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