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“This is the world of sex and dating for women.” It’s all pretty rich coming from a guy who once charmed an aspiring model over a romantic dinner of stone-crab claws washed down with two 0 bottles of merlot, then had his buddy hide in a closet and film them having anal sex without informing her she was on camera.“She thought we were dating,” he wrote in Here’s where Max’s reinvention gets tricky.

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“You could literally pull 100 more quotes out of my books that are in some kind of conflict with what I tell guys in,” he says.

The Mating Grounds Podcast is a collaboration between #1 bestselling author, Tucker Max, and renowned evolutionary psychologist, Professor Geoffrey Miller, to teach men how to be successful with women, dating and relationships.

Through discussions and interviews with the worlds leading experts in human sexuality, psychology, animal behavior, genetics and behavioral studies, they explain in clear and actionable terms precisely what men need to know about sex, dating, relationships, and women, and how to improve yourself in all of those areas.

They told the psychologist that they’d been mining the Max canon for dating advice. But he also saw an opportunity to write a book that could steer young men in the right direction.

“I can remember what it was like to be totally lost and totally frustrated and totally sad and alone and not understand how to move forward,” Max says.

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