Ssis package variables not updating carbon dating decay equation

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It doesn't make sense, but that's what we're working off of.

Its either that or env variables have their values stored somewhere that isn't updated when I think they are and a reboot is in fact needed.

I then redeploy my package, run via the same job, note the values. From the first run of the package, my one troublesome variable seems to be passing a value not equal to the value of my env variable at the time I first deployed the package.1) Overriding variables or 2) missing config file.1) I don't remember the exact details, but a few years back, we found out that SSIS re-applies certain variables after those variables are "called" in the SSIS execution string.This happened before we started using XML config files.Is there anywhere else I should be checking to see the current value of an env var?I've got a lot more detail I can provide, but I was trying to keep things breif. Where do you store your values (table, XML Config file, etc.)?

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