Spiritual soulmates dating

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We both want to grow & develop all our gifts and heal ourselves completely, so even when big issues and challenges arise we try to face them together.We understand what is happening and why this relationship is so intense, but it is still incredibly difficult.Spirit had told me that the love of my life would come to me and I didn’t need to do anything about it!! When the day came, I opened the door and was surprised he was quite young as for some reason I thought he was old!! The interesting thing was I had no idea who he was until three weeks later!!I knew we had a deep connection when we met as I had a huge amount of unconditional love for him pretty much immediately, but put this down to some of the past lives we have had together!

I want to turn that belief upside down and throw it out the window!!We also have the help of Spirit who gives us advice and also tells us what is in each other’s heads if we choose not to communicate!!So you can see there is nowhere to hide, even if we try! In March, Luke called me up as he was interested in Earth Light Reiki, so we arranged a course.Now this is an incredibly hard thing to do as a lot of the feelings that we have as human beings are completely irrational and are more to do with our own insecurities than our partner, but these are the things that need to be healed, so we have to speak up if we want to heal.Luke & I cannot fathom how anyone that is not on a spiritual journey can have a a level 6 soulmate relationship!!

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