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His mutation gave him a burly physique with large hands and feet and unparalleled agility, but also a feral side to his mind.After school hours, he worked on a serum he hoped would stop his primal regressions when simply reciting Shakespeare wasn't enough to keep him focused.She is also one of the most powerful mutants alive due to her ability to manipulate the weather.One of her few weaknesses is her claustrophobia which was explored in her one spotlight episode Hank Mc Coy was a popular teacher at Bayville High who held a dark secret.She develops a massive crush on Cyclops, but later accepts that Scott loves Jean and not her.A mutant from Northbrook, Illinois whose ability allows her to become intangible.Yvon Martel crafted the MIT-136, a motorized vehicle that can pull a sled, storm through and over large amounts of snow, push vehicles that have become stuck in the snow or mud, pull logs from the woods, attach to a snowmobile, act as an electrical power source for chainsaws, and more. A mutant who shoots high-intensity beams from his eyes.

She usually pals around with Nightcrawler since they are about the same age.His healing powers make him nearly impossible to defeat in a brawl.Adamantium claws are capable of shredding enemies and just about any inanimate object as well.The X-Men's top fighter and chief drill instructor to the students.His keen senses help him track down adversaries and alert him of danger ahead.

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