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This was the day that Nana realized that there was racism in the lesbian community, and she couldn't be with someone who hated the men of her race simply due to their skin color.

Alexis never acted uncomfortable when she and Nana ran into white males, so it wasn't maleness that she minded, but blackness.

The two young women stood in the middle of the quad at Canada's Capital University, hugging tenderly and enjoying each other's company on an unseasonably warm night in late November.

"Life would suck without you, Nana, I love you too," Rasha replied, and she took Nana's lovely face in her hands, and kissed her on the lips.

Rasha, who grew up in a very conservative part of India, didn't think that women like Nana existed.

A Hijab-wearing Muslim woman who was openly lesbian, attended Friday prayers at the local mosque every week, and had the support of her family.

As the spring nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton approach, CBC Digital Archives looks back at British royal weddings since 1947. And from the time Canada's first brewery opened in the 1600s, the history of our beer industry has been an intoxicating one.

"Hey, Rasha, I'm a sucker for a gal with a nice ass, I think it runs in my family, all my brothers got big-booty wives, I'm just following tradition," Nana said, smiling innocently, and Rasha snickered, then pursed her lips.

As they got ready to exit the Atrium, a trio of young black men came toward them, talking loudly.

As they made their way through the tunnels, heading for the university center building, Nana and Rasha saw quite a few fellow students, some of whom they knew.

Happily they greeted their fellow students, unashamed to show their love.

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