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Until the filing of the petition a quo, petitioner has not given private respondent an accounting of the businesses the value of which she had helped raise to millions of pesos.Action of the RTC of Bacolod City Finding reasonable ground to believe that an imminent danger of violence against the private respondent and her children exists or is about to recur, the RTC issued a TPO a) Ordered to remove all his personal belongings from the conjugal dwelling or family home within 24 hours from receipt of the Temporary Restraining Order and if he refuses, ordering that he be removed by police officers from the conjugal dwelling; this order is enforceable notwithstanding that the house is under the name of 236 Realty Holdings Inc. 9262 states "regardless of ownership"), this is to allow the Petitioner (private respondent herein) to enter the conjugal dwelling without any danger from the Respondent.He then packed his things and told private respondent that he was leaving her for good.He even told private respondent's mother, who lives with them in the family home, that private respondent should just accept his extramarital affair since he is not cohabiting with his paramour and has not sired a child with her.

The Chief of Police shall also give the Petitioner police assistance on Sunday, 26 March 2006 because of the danger that the Respondent will attempt to take her children from her when he arrives from Manila and finds out about this suit.On December 17, 2005, while at home, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrist. Petitioner simply fled the house instead of taking her to the hospital.Private respondent was hospitalized for about seven (7) days in which time petitioner never bothered to visit, nor apologized or showed pity on her.He was often jealous of the fact that his attractive wife still catches the eye of some men, at one point threatening that he would have any man eyeing her killed.Things turned for the worse when petitioner took up an affair with a bank manager of Robinson's Bank, Bacolod City, who is the godmother of one of their sons.

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