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The state of the Webcam service displays in your browser. To set which frame rate to capture at, you need to specify the Format field within the Selected element.The Webcam service supports direct access from a web browser to see the latest captured image from the currently selected camera. In the Format field, you need to specify the Max Frames Per Second value.To set the quality to save captured images at, provide a number between 0 and 1 in the Quality element.A config file that demonstrates setting all of these properties would be as follows: The Webcam Replay service can play one of these files and supports the generic webcam contract.Leave the recorded porn to the other guys and experience what YOU like as it happens.

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Query Frame Response success) , delegate(Fault f) ); if (fault !

To set the file to save captured images to, provide a valid fully qualified filename in the Capture File element.

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