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Melannie1for gawds sakes quit replying to people that you are not interested in! And guys keep wailing that they don't understand why women can't send a nice reply back. Azzhats keep replying with rude/abusive messages when they do this. I think it's a combination of testosterone, societal pressures, and lack of education and maturity that causes this behavior.It's still generally true that men have to make first contact (though that is thankfully changing).Then builds it up in his mind that he "deserves" her and can even "get" her because she is obviously single and lonely because her picture and profile may say so..And, there is actually a way to send a message to "her" ! Usually with no response or the common "sorry not interested".. That is the type of mindset that can lead to such behavior requiring blocking..Think of it like models in the advertising business..On the magazine covers, all the models pose with their best smiles and come-hither looks..I don't care if someone I'm not interested in is "online now".

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On dating sites, when a guy repeatedly stares at such nice pictures, he may get that same fantasy going..I generally respond to all emails and have really never had an issue.I'm sure it's quite different for the women on here though. I also think it is equally rude to send nasty emails. He was trying a huge neg, to get ANY response at all from a nice woman..When you say no as you do, even if you are careful about it, it's still NO, and it still releases his angst. If you aren't interested in meeting, dating or chatting with someone...there is no reason your inbox (talking mail now) should be available to them. No need to read it unless you suspect a great stock tip. Men get angry rejections as well as polite ones and sometimes it rises to the level of blocking people.If he's still in "five year old" maturity level (all too common in males), he will react exactly as he did when his MOM said "no," and pitch a fit. Your chances of getting a negative second message are gone. But, ladies, those that have not caused this problem...understand the problem..wouldn't be sending a second message anyway. Try not to take it personally and block the people who are rude to you. Mostly because of the little "online now" green dot.

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