Linda hogan dating 19 year old

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Linda told Wendy Williams on her show (video above) that the tall blonde caught her eye, and that her son Nick told her the guy went to school with him.It turned out that Charlie Hill, with whom Linda has been in a relationship for four years, was one year above Nick in high school and one year below Linda’s other child, Brooke. The wrestler said he's thrilled that his 50-year-old ex-wife Linda Hogan is tying the knot with her boyfriend, 21-year-old Charlie Hill, next summer after two years of dating.Hogan, who divorced Linda in 2007 after 24 years of marriage, told Radar “I’m ecstatic for her, I’m very happy for them. I wish them the best.”It is believed Hulk will act as a witness for the couple when they tie the knot on Linda’s yacht Alimoney next summer.Several have suggested that the Hogans split up to protect their money (Hogan is worth tens of millions of dollars) after they were sued by the family of the boy permanently injured in 18-year-old Nick Hogan’s car wreck.Hogan squashes that speculation, citing in particular, his pain over Linda, now dating a 19-year-old, who Hogan claims lives in the home the family once shared. my 50-year-old wife sleeping in a bed with a 19-year-old boyfriend and using my gym, and driving my cars, and living in my house.

Her love is not real and not right.” Hulk got engaged to his girlfriend, 36-year-old Jennifer Mc Daniel, last year.I said “it’s probably not going to work out.” He’s like an old soul. I just can’t imagine finding them mature or interesting enough to even have a fling with. I doubt I could ever get with a barely-legal guy like that. Linda didn’t deny the story, but backtracked a little.As long as you’re not lying that you’re 19 and you’re really 16, we’re ok. “.” Linda then got a little choked up, and said she missed having her family together. Linda and Charlie are currently on a VH1 reality show called Couple’s Therapy.Charlie is actually pretty hot, if you like that type.Here’s a clip from Couples Therapy where Linda confronts Charlie about using Facebook.

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