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A baby is "intersex" when factors 1, 2 and 3 are not all normal male or female, or contradict each other.

As initial assignment of sex is often made exclusively based on factor 3, and if the genitalia are normal appearing then it may be some time before it becomes evident that a baby is actually intersex, if the It is quite possible for the above factors to disagree and contradict, e.g.

Many sources restrict to the definition to only "ambiguous external genitalia" but this excludes intersex children where their external genitalia are normal in appearance, for example in cases of complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). Medically, intersex children can be categorised in to several main groups: This article discusses the treatment of intersex infants, and particularly the re-assignment of genetic males as females.

When deciding the best sex to assign to an intersex child, the physician considers the following: Sex assignment is usually done within a few days of birth.

I was annoyed by the implication in some communications that only intersex individuals should write about the intersex condition, but nevertheless I took the page down.

However after several supportive discussions I have resurrected this page for information purposes, minus some items.

An abnormality of the chromosomes (factor 1) is not strictly an intersex condition in itself, although it and hormone abnormalities are often associated with intersex cases.

The criteria for determining the sex of the person to be registered are not laid down in the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953, however, the practice of the Registrar General is to use exclusively the biological criteria: chromosomal, gonadal and genital sex.

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