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And the monsters have already attracted some fans as well.“There’s been a huge surge of fan art ever since we announced it.

“If everything goes well, we will also probably start a new project on our own,” said Berbece.We have to have complete trust in the partner we’re working with,” said Finch.“We do, but it’s—a lot of things will need to go through a filter of the developer or ourselves, because they’ll never, ever mirror 100 percent in both languages.Especially because [Beautiful Glitch founder Julián Quijano], before Monster Prom, he made this thing called Indie G Zine, which was this collection of art from various artists that worked on a bunch of games,” said Those Awesome Guys manager Rick Finch.“He made a Kickstarter for that that was very successful, twice I think. He’s very into art and pop culture and things like that.

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