Goodys liquidating

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A South Carolina developer who recently brought a Dollar Tree store to Laney-Walker Boulevard's Armstrong Galleria has since marketed the building for more than three times what he paid just six months ago.

Nearly half a century after he was killed in the Vietnam War, Sgt.Well, if they are all like the one that we have, I don't wonder. LOTS of Stuff and the store was so crowded with racks and racks of Stuff, that I could barely move between racks.After a couple of minutes I decided that I never wanted to save money that bad and left. It doesn't matter how great the mechandise may be, if the store is a turn off, the customers don't come to shop.Our Goody's was in a strip mall next to another store called Dunlap's, which also went out of business a bit earlier than Goody's. I bought a lot of things at Dunlap's and wish they survived. The closing puts 10,000 people out of work in over 380 stores. If it follows the trend of some other stores that went under: they sell out to a liquidator who proceeds to mark up prices (some people are clueless though and don't check prices, just think "going out of business" sale means a steal).

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