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Even further down the immersion scale, the “worlds” of certain services such as Cyworld and Neopets are produced simply using HTML images and Flash animations.Hangouts intended for younger audiences are generally less immersive than those meant for more mature audiences.It offers an easy platform for avatar animations, such as dancing.You can do pretty much anything, if you are creative enough (or just buy custom solutions to your needs).You can play games, listen to music, watch videos, explore beautiful virtual environments and even make money.

Second Life is the most popular free virtual world for adults.

The variety in immersion levels will probably continue to reflect these differences.

The chart in this post provides a basic comparison of these services to convey the range of virtual hangouts that currently exists.

Some commentators even believe that the type of experience provided by these destinations could very well become integral to the forthcoming Web 3.0 era.

The newly released Multi Verse platform, which is designed for the creation of online 3D worlds, certainly anticipates a future in which developers demand the tools necessary to build niche virtual communities because such communities have gone mainstream.

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