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But there’s three fantasy suites and one very important superlative, so let’s talk.

The night starts off with Kendall and Arie’s one-on-one.

Then Arie makes the point that if he’s spending all his time reassuring her, there’s not much time to get to know her, which is untrue because there’s also a lot of time that they’re just, you know, staring at each other.

He hopes he can see more of her in the Fantasy Suite, and I’m not going to grab that low hanging fruit.

He even references Brittane, 27, marketing manager, Los Angeles, Calif. "We went to a cheap restaurant, he ordered for me and then wanted to split the check. " Marikh, 27, restaurant owner, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Arie says he’s definitely falling in love with Becca, which is boring news at this point.

They kick things off in a dune buggy, which Arie likens to love because it has “ups and downs.” Got it.

But as the date continues it’s hard to ignore that Kendall is way more interesting alone than they are together as a couple.

Her boyfriend Chris Tucker is also a famous American actor. However, they are not married yet and also they didn’t have any children.

India Arie is one of the successful and richest celebrities in the industry.

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