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My main point is that Dumbledore had promised the wizarding world that Hogwarts would be safe during HBP, but he was purposely letting a lawbreaker run free on the odd chance that he'd develop a conscience, making Draco's life more important than Rosemerta's, Katie Bell's, Ron Weasley's, and every other student at Hogwarts' lives.

Dumbledore was an accessory to every one of Draco's crimes in HBP by knowingly letting him - a marked Death Eater - come to Hogwarts at all.

There's no way he could've been that good at the curse on his first try.

It was not Dumbledore's right to decide Malfoy didn't have to pay for his crimes.

Apparently, most writers believe that only people who look like Greek gods and goddesses can find love. Other versions of my stories A Russian version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted at

His only true talents are playing chess, making Hermione cry, and abandoning Harry when he needs friends the most.

For some reason, JKR completely glosses over the fact that Draco Malfoy completely got away with using an unforgivable curse.

A French version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted here by Pourfendeuse.

A Portuguese version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall is being posted here by El Dark Lord.

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