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So you’re on a first date and the bill comes – who picks up the check?

For European and American men, the most common answer was the man.

So perhaps even those who said no to having sex on the first date reserve the right to change their mind (after all, research says women often want sex more than they admit).

Or perhaps they’ve tried it and decided to take things slower in the future.

European men felt similarly, with 63 percent willing to stick around at least until the date is over.

Of any group in our survey, European women had the least tolerance for bad dates: only 51 percent would stay. Well, according to both European and American men and women, it’s a restaurant or coffee shop.

Ever climbed out of the bathroom window during a bad first date?

How about slept with your new paramour on a good one?

Of course, most people are a bit too polite for that: 73 percent of American women would stick out a bad first date and leave as soon as it’s over, or give the date a chance and stay a while.Women were a bit more reticent, but a large number were still game, with 42 percent of European women and 37 percent of American women willing to consider a romp after a good first date.Interestingly, according to another survey, 70 percent of people have had at least one one-night stand.We all know nobody wants you to drone on endlessly about your ex on a first date … According to our survey, men and women across both continents agreed exes, sexual preferences, and potty humour were the top three no-nos, followed by health, politics, and religion.That said, men tended to be slightly more flexible.

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