Dating a writer inundating definition

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They were just in the middle of unloading an epiphany into their Moleskin.”You can laugh at that concept — “epiphany! Some writers write to “get their feelings down on paper;” to “work through them.” Others use emotions only as a keyhole for .Some of us are feelings-forward, and use writing as means of self-expression and authenticity.And then you will either never, ever end up in their work, or you’ll end up in their work in all the wrong and worst ways. As writer Shante Cosme said,“Every moment, every seemingly insignificant milestone becomes imbued with meaning. While a less literary-inclined person might observe the sun setting and simply remark upon its beauty or the color of the sky, a writer will describe the scene with adjectives you’ve never heard spoken aloud, causing your heart to beat a little faster and your skull to open just a little bit wider.You will remember this sunset forever…Life’s ups and downs becomes subtle undulations, every seemingly meaningless twist of fate becomes narrated and illustrated, a plot point of a story that is always unfolding, and you are one of its most colorful characters.Human beings are notoriously terrible at remembering anything, and writers’ major sin is not that we misremember, but rather that we have the nerve to put that shit on paper. Because see item #1 — we were probably only half there to begin with.

I know this because every partner I’ve ever dated has not wanted to read my work.It is often scary how writers could often read people.After all, writers tend to do a lot of introspection.They are very good observers and nothing seems to slip by them.There are people who say that dating a writer is a bad idea. Those brave enough to date artists have the privilege to know what it’s like to dance in the rain, to dance through life without much care in the world.

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