Dating a kabbalist man

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In this series, we will attempt to present the central ideas of Jewish mysticism in a methodical and intelligent manner, minimizing abstruse terminology and shying away from a sense of the incomprehensible.

In order to understand what Kabbalah is and what it isn't, let us use the following illustration.

A person receives an “image” of life in his lifetime and also was given the choice to make a decision and to act left or right and to shift his life.

The sychronization or disyncronization between you and another person that you are going to meet or not, with whom, where and when is set ad hoc but can be changed.

Like science, the Torah gives us the facts that are fully perceived sensually and rationally quantifiable.

Like philosophy, Kabbalah gives us the grander abstract picture that the facts present.

The upcoming segments of this series will explore the fundamentals of Kabbalah.

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Kabbalah is supposed to be mysterious and enigmatic. So much nonsense is presented in the name of Kabbalah, it is important to have some sort of forum where people can find the basic understandings that they crave.

He is very meticulous in his work, and may even draw some immediate conclusions from the data at hand. A great scientist picks up these notes, reads them and ponders their meaning. He tries to envision what the entire system may be like.

He knows that there are no instruments, nor can there be, to actually see the particles he imagines, and therefore he gropes for metaphors that will accurately connect the bits of data that the physicist collected.

There is no coincidence, everything that happens in a person’s life appears for a reason.

A person’s life (and the world) operates with a spirtual operating system that influences the physical (and visa versa) to move people and things including major life events in perfect order.

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