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I want to begin with some thoughts on the outcome this week. I didn’t want him to come back, and I’m glad to see him gone pre-merge, but I have to give some credit where credit is due.

Unsurprisingly, Zhan Hu struggled to win challenges and lost three of the first four immunity challenges.

To discuss the merits of Tai deciding to send Caleb home, for this week’s lesson in , and the eighth place finisher, Michael ‘Frosti’ Zernow.

Frosti began the game on the Zhan Hu tribe, where he quickly integrated with his tribemates.

It seemed that Tai was interested in saving his buddy Caleb- he made arguments about keeping the strong- but ultimately Brad Culpepper was able to manipulate him into turning against his friend and sending Caleb home. Instead of being vulnerable to a possible reunion, where he would find himself at the bottom of the tribe, he is at the hub of things.

It was presented as Tai acting against his best interests, following his heart rather than his head, and instead making a move that furthered Brad’s position in the game. Everyone there is connected to Brad, and seems to be depending on him and his leadership.

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