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I never wore it myself, as it was too soft for me, but I liked it on them and I remember very well how it used to smell - very fresh-floral and somewhat soapy/musky, but with a nice subtle coffee undertone (back then coffee notes weren’t used in gourmand concoctions!) Anyway, the years went by, and Noa kind of fell off the radar.It comes accross very pure which is a refreshing change from everything else in my collection. I came to realise what kind of scents, notes I like.Still learning what works best on my skin, and learned that there are fregrances that I get bored of quick although they're nice, but there are also those that you can just feel you'll love them forever.Noa is a small planet in your hand with a perl inside.Noa is a transparent composition of flowers, delicate spices, velvety fruit nuances and energizing power of coffee beans.

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Would love to get oppinions :) Two of my closest friends used to wear Noa back in the late ‘90s - early ‘00s.The scent is durable, but close-skin, so only for the chosen ones ... orientals, gourmands, slightly masculine notes, moderate sweet fragrances. Boy, I just love when I get proved wrong when it comes to not having high expectations from perfumes. As the scent settled a bit I started to notice coffee undertone - not sweet, not heavy, not bitter, but quite dark, some peony to it.After the spray I got slapped by delicate musk and green notes. Everything milded by a bit of vanilla and spiced up by very light woodsy notes.Also, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous and unique. It's interesting that the nose behind this fragrance is the nose behind many iconic scents like Light Blue, Midnight Poison, Angel, Kenzo Amour, Elle, Black Opium, and others. I like this scent so much because it pretty and subtle; it is not an attention seeker.I really enjoy all of them although Black Opium is a bit redundant to me (it is nice though). It makes people want to snuggle up next to you, but I guess it is expected when it smells like soft powdery floral.

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