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His girlfriend’s husband is here too.“This is a new thing for us, it’s very rare that the three of us can get out together but we’re hoping to meet some new people.”“So when I started hearing about it I thought ‘I’ll talk to my husband about it’ but I didn’t know how he would take it because we had been together for such a long time.“But he is very introverted so for him it made a lot of sense that I was wanting to seek out other connections and other relationships.

She also spends several nights a week at her boyfriend’s house.

Laura admits polyamory can be a scheduling nightmare.“It’s a disaster for time management unless you’re organised.

The fourth generation of his family to enrol at Lincoln, he made his All Blacks debut in 2001.Tim tells Dave he’s fresh from a time in his life when he was doing a lot for other people, like running university groups.He’s now focused on making an effort for himself and that involves “going to poly events”.“The pre-conception that one person can be everything for you and that one person will make you happy and one person will fulfill all your dreams and that one person can be there all the time for you and that they’re never going to need something that you can’t give them,” she says.“It seems illogical.”You might be thinking ‘life’s busy enough with one partner’.“(Jealousy) comes up and anybody who says that it never comes up really isn’t being honest with themselves.

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