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But that was back in the nineties – things have moved on a little since then! New producers are now using this format of horror to get noticed on a budget – how cool is that?

Studios are beginning to realize the cash cow that top found footage films provide. I stick to my principal that the top found footage films are the ones that manage to capture the atmosphere – and that costs nothing (well maybe the price of petrol journey to a forest at night but that’s about it! So sit back and enjoy the ride friends – I know I will!

In 1555 an agreement was reached between Paul IV and the cardinals, whereby their number was fixed at forty, but this agreement was never carried out. The actual cardinalitial dioceses are Ostia and Velletri, Porto and Santa Rufina, Albano, Frascati (Tusculum), Palestrina (Præneste), and Sabina. Späthen, "Giraldus Cambrensis und Thomas von Evesham über die von ihnen an der Kurie geführten Prozesse" in "Neues Archiv d. Generally, however, the consistory is called only to inform the cardinals by a so-called allocution of the status of important ecclesiastico-political matters, or to make known the opinion of the pope.

The Council of Constance demanded that their number be fixed at twenty-four ( Martin V , in his Decree of Reform, 1418, C. The same number was demanded by the Council of Basle in 1436 (Sess. iv, "De numero et qualitate cardinalium", in Hardouin, "Acta Conc.", Paris, 1714, VIII, 1206 xq.). Innocent III was wont to hold such a consistory three times a week ("Gesta Innocentii", c. des sciences morales et politiques", 1903, 449 sqq.; M. nomination proper, of new cardinals; the publication of names reserved in petto; the giving of the cardinalitial insignia with exception of the red hat; the opening and closing of the mouth; the institution of patriarchs, metropolitans, and bishops, and the nomination of such titular bishops as do not belong to the missionary territories; the transfer of bishops ; the granting of the pallium to archbishops ; the creation, division, and union of dioceses ; the institution of abbots whose abbeys are in the gift of the Holy See ; the nomination of the camerlengo and the vice-chancellor of the Roman Church ; the choice and mission of cardinals as legati a latere ; the conclusion of concordats, consultation on differences and conflicts between Church and State.

We don’t care the about the budget, the country of origin, the language or the quality – if the camcorder shakes we wanna review it! Though the number of cardinal-bishops has always been seven, their particular sees have not shared the same fixity. As a rule, however, they were fewer; after the thirteenth century their number often sank considerably. Semi-public consistories are a combination of a public and a secret consistory. Bangen, Die römische Kurie, ihre gegenwärtige Zusammensetzung und ihr Geschäftsgang, Münster, 1854, 75). That these bishops also received the name of episcopi cardinales is intelligible enough after what has been said. In the Middle Ages, therefore, the cardinals should have numbered fifty-three or fifty-four. Consistories are public ( publica ) or extraordinary, and secret ( secreta ) or ordinary.Welcome to Top Found Footage Films – the place to be for all the best found footage horror movies out there! Whether you are stuck in the woods with some old hag battering your tent, trying to catch some paranormal activity at home with your wife’s camcorder, stuck inside an abandoned asylum or simply searching for Bigfoot….you’re all welcome here!Ah I still remember the days when a pirate copy of sat proudly on my bedroom shelf….things have changed since then!

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