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She descends a huge staircase -- it makes her seem even more petite -- wearing a blue pullover top and jeans, her trademark strawberry blonde tresses falling over her shoulders, bangs framing a smiling, eager face. It's an internal debate Bernard seems intent on winning at a time when she sees a definite need to find some roses to stop and smell. "If we're talking about the catharsis of my life ... "Enjoying life, enjoying every situation, and what do I get out of it? "Not 'What do I get out of this interview,' the publicity ...

She sets out on a quest to find the truth behind his murder.Now, she's poised to enter a new phase of stardom as a recording artist of no mean talent. Bernard grew up on the road singing gospel with her family. The practice of sharing her thoughts and inspirations -- ministering, if you will -- might be second nature by now.This pint-sized (5 feet 3 inches) actress is quite the singer-songwriter, a fact she displays in earnest on her recently released album, "Don't Touch Me There" (River North/Platinum Records). Bernard lives high above the Los Angeles fray in a gated community off Mulholland Drive. After three television series -- successful programs, at that -- she's had time to take stock of what she deems important.It's called, simply, "Hey." "I think probably because it came so quickly. I was at the studio in Charlotte (North Carolina), and this experience had happened to me. and I went to the piano, and I just started playing them. "It's very easy to write a lot of words to express your thoughts, but to say very little but express a full thought -- that's why I like this song," she affirms. Cher wrote 'Let It Be,' all the Beatles' songs ...." She tosses her head back and laughs.It's another rumination about relationships -- understandings and misunderstandings.

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