Ang dating biblia tagalog version

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Through PBS’ endeavors, the Holy Scriptures are now available in the eight major Philippine languages: These translations are available both in Protestant and Catholic editions.

There are also Scriptures formatted to suit serious Bible readers (Diglot Bibles and scholarly Bible editions), for young people (student Bibles), and children (Children’s Bible and Scripture comics).

You can choose a different translation of the Bible by selecting from the drop-down menu above.

Nang simulang likhain ng Diyos ang lupa at ang langit, ang lupa ay wala pang hugis o anyo. The Magandang Balita Biblia (or the Tagalog Popular Version) is one of the two most widely circulated translation of the Christian Bible in the Tagalog language [the other entitled Ang Bagong Ang Biblia, a revision of the earlier Ang Biblia (meaning The Bible)], first published by the Philippine Bible Society in 1973.

As there are but a very few translations of the Holy Scriptures in Tagalog, the 'Magandang Balita Biblia' has easily become a very popular version in the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora.

Its version of the Psalms was used as the official text of the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours in Tagalog.

Its aim was to give more emphasis to meaning than to form.

Unlike the earlier Ang Biblia, this translation of the Bible used weights and measures that were more familiar to Filipino readers.

In all other cases, the user must first get permission from the Philippine Bible Society.However, when there was no satisfactory text that could be used as a basis, the PBS opted to use any of the oldest versions available.These versions are those written in Greek, Syriac or Latin.Particularly, they used the one that was published in 1949, which was edited by Alfred Rahlfs.However, for comparative purposes, the PBS used the Biblia Sacra (published 1969) which was prepared by Robert Weber.

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