7 rulkes for dating my daughter

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But, I'd be amiss without at least mentioning that the Holocaust wouldn't have been possible without a culture built on the mindset of just following orders.

I hate to steer internet conversations back to Hitler.It's funny how now I tend to follow and advocate the almost opposite advice.I remember blindly following the rule that all code needed unit tests and the units tests had to be written first.As children we tend to be brainwashed to believe that following rules—or even laws sometimes—is the ethical or moralistically right thing to do. Murder is against the law and also inarguably wrong (at least in the very broad context of everyday life), but going faster than the speed limit, while against the law, is not inherently morally or even ethically wrong.Every time we submit ourselves to a rule—written or unwritten—we should always ask ourselves: How many rules in your own life do you follow “just because you are supposed to?

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